Martin Louzao has worked in various countries and cuisines around the globe. This allowed him to create a cosmopolitan culinary style based on the global food culture. Born on October 15, 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since childhood, he showed his passion for the kitchen, and cooked delicious dishes for his family while self-teaching himself with cookbooks from around the world. His professional career began at the early age of 18 when entered the School of Culinary Arts Gato Dumas in Buenos Aires.

To increase his knowledge in haute cuisine he studied a career in Management and Marketing focused on companies in the dining Maussi Sebes Institute. This experience allowed him to expand his practice to the culinary world. At present, he develops creative concepts for companies interested in entering the world of restoration. He has studied at the Ecole Lenotre in Paris and the famous Albert Adrià, among other respected chefs.

During his staying in Mallorca he worked with Koldo Royo, 1 star Michelin guide. When living in Italy he worked for Bruschetta. Back in Buenos Aires with more experience in his backpack Martin became Sous Chef Dechandon Bar and created the menu for the Federal bistro. He felt attracted by the particular culture of Puerto Rico and decided to settle here to discover new experiences. In 2003, he was the Executive Chef at Baires Restaurant and Blend during the year (2005), both located in the tourist area of Old San Juan. He moved to Marbella for two years as a banquet chef at Westin La Quinta. The warm and picturesque Puerto Rico brought him back to San Juan, this time for good. He worked as an Executive Chef in Ummo Argentinian Grill (2008), a prestigious restaurant in the city of Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Martin is currently working on his life projects: Nonna and Cocina Abierta. Cooking is his passion. His goal: to create pleasure in the people who decide to engage their five senses in the art of eating.