CINCOSENTIDOS CULINARY GROUP headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the company behind Martin Louzao’s group of remarkable restaurants.

The diverse array of culinary concepts created and developed by Cincosentidos Culinary Group over time, span cultures, price range and service styles. From fine dining establishments to pop-up restaurants, the company’s offerings had always been top notch and dedicated to awaken all your senses.

Throughout the culinary journey of the company, they have served a wide variety of global cuisines, including Spanish, Peruvian, International, Puerto Rican and Italian, aiming to pay tribute to each cultural heritage by telling stories gathered through years of travel, experiences and research.

Core values play a vital role, they are the essence of the company’s identity and light the way for each venture:
Passion - Share the love for food.
Innovation - Respect recipes and methodology while integrating cutting edge-techniques. Dynamic and ever-shifting ideas inspired by cultures, products and techniques.
Collaboration - Believe in the power of collaboration, we thrive and learn together.
Sustainability - Cherish responsible consumption of ingredients.

Last but not least, all has been possible in collaboration with great minds and skillful hands which compose the Cincosentidos culinary team.


Argentinian native Martin Louzao, since childhood showed his passion for the kitchen by self-teaching himself with cookbooks. His curiosity led the way onto various countries and cuisines worldwide, which allowed him to create a cosmopolitan culinary style.

At the early age of 18, his academic journey began at the School of Culinary Arts Gato Dumas, Argentina. In order to enrich his knowledge in haute cuisine and complement it with a career in Management and Marketing, he continued studies at the Maussi Sebes Institute and the Ecole Lenotre in Paris with Albert Adrià, among other prominent chefs.

After touring European and Latin American cuisines, the warm and picturesque Puerto Rico brought him back to San Juan, where he and his partner established Cincosentidos Culinary Group, earning countless foodie fans and winning plentiful awards over the years.