Where to experience Puerto Rico’s vibrant cultural scene in 2020

Perhaps no other culinary experience is as groundbreaking as Oriundo, a six-course meal hosted in Cocina Abierta’s studio kitchen in Condado. Spearheaded by Chef Martin Louzao, in collaboration with a range of experts – including a food historian, beer brewer, marine conservation expert and an agricultural economist – the pop-up menu aims to revive Puerto Rico’s biodiversity by identifying and incorporating the island’s native ingredients in each meal. This sustainable approach to food means diners are contributing to preservation.

“They are bringing back forgotten ingredients, vegetables, and fruits to entice farmers to create more variety in production by also creating demand,” explains hotelier Sylvia De Marco, who runs a vegan dinner series at The Dreamcatcher. “What they are doing is very important and ethical. It's beyond culinary.

Source: Lonely Planet